Geo-Xergy Systems Inc.

Seasons of TuxedoSeasons of Tuxedo 1

Category: District System – Retail

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Size: ~265,000 sq. ft.
~55,000 sq. ft. completed to date

Other companies involved: Fairweather Properties, Manshield, No. 10 Architecture

Project at a Glance: Seasons of Tuxedo is a 275,000 square-foot, multi-building, multi-tenant retail development –  consisting of a main 185,000 square-foot box store run section, with the remaining area divided amongst pad sites located across the main parking lot from the box stores.

Innovations & Features: The Seasons of Tuxedo site features six horizontal ground loop modules found underneath the main parking lot. With a total of 98,000 ft. of horizontal drilling, this makes for the largest horizontal ground loop in Winnipeg, and among the largest in Canada. Four of the manifolds supply heating and cooling energy to the box store run, while the remaining two modules supply heating and cooling to the pad sites through a large distribution loop. A transfer pipe between the modules allows energy transfer when the heating and cooling loads are imbalanced between the pad sites and the box store run. The developer retained ownership of the ground loop, operating it as a utility to provide heating and cooling to the tenants of the buildings. Geothermal grants as well as reduced capital and operational costs allowed for a simple payback to the owner of about eight years.

View the video and article: Seasons of Tuxedo to Use Geothermal Technology on, November 30, 2012. This video news report features Manitoba’s Innovation, Energy and Mines Minister Dave Chomiak and Geo-Xergy’s Ed Lohrenz, B.E.S. and Sergio Almeida, P.Eng.

For more news on this project, check out the Winnipeg Free Press article: Ikea’s neighbour to be a geothermal leader.