Geo-Xergy Systems Inc.

What We Do

Geo-Xergy designs and builds ground source energy systems. These systems use pumps to store temperature differences not far below the surface of the earth. This stored temperature is exchanged to cool buildings in the summer and heat buildings in the winter. The process is similar to geothermal systems, however, geothermal uses heat from deep within the earth (from hot springs, etc).

In summary, Geo-Xergy:

Provides long-term energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, resulting in cost-savings investments by:

  • storing cold temperature in the ground during the winter, to make cooling in the summer months more efficient, and
  • storing warm temperature in the ground during the summer, to make heating in the winter months more efficient.

This energy efficient heating and cooling process is environmentally sustainable and results in a long-term cost-savings investment for the customer.

Leads the industry with integrated ground source energy systems

As the experts in designing and building ground source energy exchangers, we are also very knowledgeable of mechanical systems and controls, and can integrate them into the design.

Ensures design of feasible systems

We focus on practical ground source energy systems – using detailed analysis (not ‘Rule of Thumb’ estimates) to ensure the project is economically and physically feasible.

Provides quality, customized solutions with long-term support

Our experienced, reputable team uses quality materials and a holistic approach to every project, while monitoring and providing long-term support of all our systems.

Works collaboratively

We work as a team with other designers, architects and mechanical professionals to create the best efficiency possible.