Geo-Xergy Systems Inc.

St. John’s High Schoolstjohnshighschool

Category: Institutional, school, retrofit

Others involved: Public Schools Finance Board, MCW Engineering

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Project at a Glance: The three buildings making up the school were cooled by an existing chiller (which required replacement) and heated by two steam boilers that continue to serve perimeter heating. Ground source energy heating and cooling equipment was installed in place of the existing chiller and was designed to integrate with the buildings’ air handling and ventilation system. The horizontally-bored ground-coupled heat exchanger (GHX) minimized damage to the landscaping of the field.

Features & Innovations:

  • Horizontal ground loop installed beneath the school football field
  • The ground heat exchanger now provides all of the cooling and as much of the heating it can do with a boiler serving as an auxiliary heat source.
  • The system is a reversible chiller.