Geo-Xergy Systems Inc.

GeoX_Net2_1163606_34459763Newfoundland Aqua Services Ltd.

Category: Industrial

Location: St. Albans, Newfoundland, Canada

Project at a glance:  Phase 1 focused on the design of a ground source energy system to remove water from fishing nets after they are coated with a copper based, anti-foulant paint. The paint is used to prevent marine growth attaching to the nets, which closes off the gaps, not allowing fresh (oxygen-laden) water to circulate through the net. The lack of oxygen could result in a loss of fish. The process also included designing a loop to heat water for disinfection purposes before applying the paint.

Features & Innovations:  A desiccant wheel was installed to increase efficiency of moisture removal from the process air, allowing warmer, chilled water temperatures out of the heat pump equipment.  A single heat pump provides both hot and chilled water, which minimizes the equipment needed. The excess heat is used in the disinfection process. Combining multiple processes into a single system provides savings in energy consumption and capital costs.

Phase 2 will consist of combining dehumidification and disinfection processes on a new area, which will be connected to a full site district energy system. Multiple process and space heating and cooling loads will be interconnected, using a ground heat exchanger to store energy when it’s not needed.

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