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Assiniboine Park Zoo Unveils District Geothermal System

CBC News Winnipeg, February 24, 2015

The new Journey to Churchill exhibit boasts a unique district geothermal system, which services the four main buildings as well as the exhibit pools. This system delivers 100% of the heating and cooling loads for these buildings, and was designed by Geo-Xergy Systems and installed by Green Brush (2011) Inc.

Journey to Churchill Exhibit Showcases District Geothermal System

News Release – Province of Manitoba, February 24, 2015

Near Zero Energy Building in Manitoba

Global News Winnipeg, October 15, 2014

Manitoba Paddling Club building has partnered with Geo-Xergy Systems and Sycamore Energy to install the provinces largest solar photovoltaic system, which combined with the geothermal heating system has resulted in Manitoba’s first near-zero energy building.

Warming Up to Geothermal

Winnipeg Free Press, June 24, 2013

Manitoba leads the nation in per capita geothermal installations. Major projects include Geo-Xergy’s Seasons of Tuxedo and Centrepoint.

Ground Coupled Heat Pump and Energy Storage

Excerpt, ASHRAE Journal, vol.55, no.4, April 2013

Studying the effects of using thermal energy storage mediums, such as ice, in the design of ground source energy systems, to reduce the size, capital cost and operating costs for new buildings.

Geothermal option bypasses Hydro rate increases

Letter to the editor, Winnipeg Free Press, December 14, 2012 

 IKEA’s neighbour to be a geothermal leader

Winnipeg Free Press, December 3, 2012

Seasons of Tuxedo to Use Geothermal Technology

Video and article on, November 30, 2012

A video news report with Innovation, Energy and Mines Minister Dave Chomiak, Fairweather Properties’ Michael Nozick, and Geo-Xergy’s Ed Lohrenz and Sergio Almeida.

Sustainability Panel Learns the Benefits of Ground Source Energy

Laura Rance, Winnipeg Free Press, October 27, 2012

Industry articles

Energy Modelling Leads to Lower Cost and More Efficient Ground Source Energy Systems

Renewable energy technologies are typically more costly to install than conventional ones. Return on Investment (ROI) is a major concern for most clients. Detailed energy simulations will lead to lower energy cost and reduce construction costs. Much of the work currently being done in the geothermal heat pump industry is to find methods and techniques to bring down construction costs, improve efficiency, or both. The following article discusses importance of energy modelling.

All Hands to the Heat Pump
Author: Ed Lohrenz, CGD, Partner Geo-Xergy Systems Inc.
Magazine: Renewable Energy Focus, May/June, 2011

Cost is a Key Consideration When Considering Renewable Energy Systems

The timing of activity within a building, as well as many other factors such as building materials, lighting, and ventilation systems must all be considered when designing a ground heat exchanger (GHX); factors that “rule of thumb” designs do not consider. The following article discusses the creativity required to optimize the design of a GHX system to reduce cost.

Cost-Effective Geoexchange Systems
Author: Ed Lohrenz, CGD, Partner Geo-Xergy Systems Inc.
Magazine: North American Clean Energy

A District Geothermal System in a “Green” Community

A community north of Vancouver has residents that are truly engaged in their desire to be “green”. A Geothermal District System that links residential, commercial, and institutional buildings together to create a sustainable system into the future is a key contributor to the goal of being “green”. Geo-Xergy has played a key role in the design and development of this district system.

Gibsons, BC District Geothermal Energy System
Author: Ed Lohrenz, CGD, Partner Geo-Xergy Systems Inc.
Magazine: GHC Bulletin

Storage of Waste Energy in a Ground-Coupled Heat Exchanger (GHX) makes that Energy Available When Required

Remote communities need to import energy to sustain life – whether it’s diesel generators or refrigeration plants, excess heat is generated that is not being used or captured when it is available. But what if you could take that energy and store it in the ground for when it is required? Not only will it provide heat to the buildings, but it will also help balance your GHX for long-term viability. The following article talks about situations which have done just that.

District GeoExchange Systems & Waste Heat Recovery
Author: Ed Lohrenz, CGD, Partner Geo-Xergy Systems Inc.
Magazine: ASHRAE