Geo-Xergy Systems Inc.

How You Benefit

What are the overall benefits of a ground source energy system?

  • Long-term cost savings – with average pay back periods between two and 10 years
  • Environmental sustainability – a renewable and energy-efficient resource
  • Safe and reliable – quality control and assurance


How our systems work:

Ground source energy systems create a recycling of energy using a ground-coupled heat exchanger (piping underground), a heat pump, and a forced-air or radiant system to circulate warm or cool air throughout a building. This efficient heating and cooling process results in a long-term cost-savings investment for the customer and is environmentally sustainable.

In simple terms:

  • In the summer, heat from the building is stored in the ground in order to keep the building cool.
  • In the winter, the stored heat in the ground from the summer is retrieved for more efficient heating during the winter months.

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How do you benefit from Geo-Xergy Systems Inc.?

Ground source energy systems are more complex than they may seem. A properly designed system accommodates for the amount of heat being released and extracted throughout the year. Our qualified and experienced team uses quality control measures through each step in the process to guarantee balance and efficiency, ensuring you benefit from the most reliable, safe and affordable system possible.