Geo-Xergy Systems Inc.

How it all works

Ground source energy systems consist of three main parts:

  • Heat pump – found inside the building and uses compression to either create heating or cooling for the building. The heat pump is connected to the ground-coupled heat exchanger (GHX) and circulates a fluid through the GHX in order to store/retrieve energy.
  • Ground-coupled heat exchanger (GHX) – underground piping that is in contact with the earth in order to store or retrieve energy. These are either closed or open loop underground piping systems.
  • Distribution system – dispenses the heating or cooling throughout the building. (A water to air system would used forced air to distribute warm/cool air required to create a comfortable living area. A water to water system would use radiant heat for warming flooring, or to create hot water to store in tanks.)

Putting it all together

This four-minute video shows you how ground source energy works with different types of loop systems: