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Gibsons Parkland DevelopmentTown of Gibsons –
District Energy System

Category: District system

Location: Gibsons, BC

Other companies involved: The Town of Gibsons, BC

Project at a glance: The Town of Gibsons, BC worked with developers and builders to construct an ambient-temperature district system for a 750 home development. A large ground heat exchanger (GHX) was built in the Parkland area and under walkways within the community. Fluid circulating through the GHX will transfer energy between the homes, buildings and the GHX.

Some buildings, such as a hockey arena, will reject heat to the GHX year round. The energy will be extracted by heat pumps in the homes. The warmer fluid will allow them to operate more efficiently.

A connection to the nearby ocean will absorb excess energy from the GHX in summer and can add energy to the GHX in winter. The municipality runs the system and invoices homeowners connected to the GHX much like any other utility. Because the town is making the investment in the GHX infrastructure, the cost to a homeowner to install a system is virtually identical to the cost of installing a gas furnace and air conditioner.

Features & Innovations:

  • Horizontal slinky, ground heat exchanger modules designed for development expansion
  • Central pump house
  • Home energy consumption metered as a utility
  • Waste heat from ice arena to be rejected to ground heat exchanger

GHC Bulletin Article (May 2011) on the District System