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District systems

District systems are complex, interconnected applications which use ground source energy very efficiently.

Example: a simple community set-up

District system ice rink

Ice Rink: In order to make ice for the indoor rink, the refrigeration equipment expels heat into the ground loop. Waste energy that may have normally been expelled into the atmosphere can now be stored in the ground.

Houses: The houses in the community draw on heat from the ground loop. The heat used is replenished by the heat expelled from the ice rink.

Commercial Building: A commercial building in the area draws heat from the ground loop and expels heat to the loop as required.

In a truly balanced district system, the ground loop size can be reduced significantly by having several different units drawing and expelling heat throughout the year. On their own, each unit would need a bigger ground loop in order to handle the heat being drawn or expelled.

District system projects Geo-Xergy has been a part of include: